Better than all the others
combined ...
It's f..king incredible
Were you ever 'dying' to fulfill all your sexual fantasies? 
You might 'live' to regret it!
This novel contains sexual fantasy at its finest.
Although it's fictional ... it's also about 'sexual healing'
Caution ... it's Rated 'RR' ... for 'Really Raunchy'
To live only in the 'light' creates an imbalance within your soul ... but when you discover your 'shadow'... it creates wholeness and balance ... which eventually becomes wisdom ... but the Dark Side can be a dangerous, at times, even where angels fear to tread. The journey can leave you wounded, heartbroken, betrayed, lonely, and sometimes left for dead. Come and discover 'the dark side of the moon' in this often hilarious sensual and sexual romp about drugs, sex, lawyers, and strippers. Also, you'll discover more about the energy of 'Goddess' than from any other fictional novel available on the market today.
First was, 'Lady Chatterley's Lover'
Then came, 'Story of O'
Next, 'Fifty Shades of Gray'
Now ... 'A Sensual Seduction'
This is  ...
The Great American Sex Novel