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First came, 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' ... next, 'Story of O' ... then, 'Fifty Shades of Gray'
Welcome to  a new generation of ... the Great American Erotic Novel

Drugs, Sex, Lawyers, & Strippers
By: Anderson Andrews
To live only in the 'light' creates an imbalance within your soul ... but when you discover your 'shadow'... it creates wholeness and balance ... which eventually becomes wisdom ... still, the Dark Side can be very dangerous ... a place where even angels fear to tread.
The journey can leave you wounded, heartbroken, betrayed, lonely, and even left for dead. Discover 'the dark side of the moon' in this hilariously sensual and sexual romp ...  but wait, there's more.
You'll also discover the mystery and magic of Goddess energy. 

Were you ever 'dying' to fulfill all your sexual fantasies? 
Trust me  ... you might 'live' to regret it!
This novel is highly erotic but wasn't written for stimulation.

It's about finding sexual healing ... something very much
needed in today's world ... and although this book is
fictional, it's based on true events and the lives of real people.

Regular Retail Price $20.99
New 2019 1st Edition ... 546 Pages ... 6 x 9 Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-944787-23-3

Contains sensual (non-sexual) photographs
Goddess, Strippers

This Novel is Based on Factual Events and Real People.

Jamie was young, blonde, blue-eyed, stacked, flirty, dirty, sexy, hot, and sleazy ... ​​
In addition to a foul-mouthed, bisexual, drug-dealing, muff-munching, super slut,
she was quite an elegant stripper, that is ... until she met a lawyer almost twice her age
who was charmed by her seductive magic ... and fell madly in love with her.

To him, she was a living wet dream ... a museum piece from God's artwork of decadence.
She was the ultimate blonde bombshell of a woman ... and a spectacle for his eyes to behold,

but he was a middle-aged married attorney, with a family, and his reputation at stake.
Still, he couldn't turn down her offer ... bring home the bacon, and I'll bring home the beef. 
She was the key that would unlock the door that had kept his Shadow hidden in darkness.
She would unleash his Dark Side ... allowing him to experience his repressed sexual fantasies. 

But really ... what was he thinking ... what in heaven would he do with her, anyway?

Or perhaps better asked ...  just what in-the-hell was she planning to do with him?
And yet, this sensual journey allowed him to discover the secrets of the sacred feminine. 

Just ask yourself ... what would you do, if all your sexual dreams could actually come true?
Inspired by true events. ... it's not just another erotic tale about lawyers and strippers,

it's also about coming to terms with one's hidden Shadow Self, and the magic of Goddess.
But caution, this is a stunning transformational book that's hot, raw, and raunchy,

so maybe think twice before you consider reading it ... especially, if ‘real-life’ offends you.
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