A Sensual Seduction begins each chapter with an 
original poem. Below, is an example of one ... 


It was a dreary, dark, and empty planet
when I created it millions of years ago.
Its unrefined beauty screamed for life.
What otherwise could be eternal sleep.
Love called, and my love answered.
So, I gave nourishment to the planet
by supplying ample fruit and drink.
And then birthing human consciousness.
From the energy known as the masculine,
I created the Man, and he was to serve me.
He was given knowledge to live on his own.
Man promised to care for the gifts I gave him.
First, he created temples in which to worship me.
Man then worked the land and built my kingdom.
What was once desolate and barren was now full.
If Man ever betrayed me, he would feel my wrath.
As time passed, Man’s mind became restless,
and he asked for a companion to fulfill his life.
As an act of love I answered his plea of loneliness.
I sent him an image of myself. I called her Woman.
She came unto Man innocent, naïve, and naked.
Man was to protect her, and teach her his ways.
He was to nurture her beauty and keep her safe.
Man would honor me ... by honoring Woman.
Those were my commandments for him to obey.
Instead, lust and domination became Man’s way.
Woman was locked away inside my holy temples.
Man betrayed me by taking carnal pleasure of her.
Woman cried out to me and asked for my help.
No longer could I tolerate to watch her suffer.
Unknown to Man, she was made stronger than he.
She possessed a great gift dormant within herself.
Man betrayed me and all of my commandments.
Man violated my love and ravished my creation.
Man was to be punished for his vanity and greed.
So, I unleashed the powers held within Woman.
Behold … I am Goddess. 
Through me, I extend the happiness.
Through me, I am the keeper of joy.
Through me, I am the giver of love.
Behold … I am Goddess.
Now, Man must feel my wrath.
Now, Man must suffer for eternity.
Now, Man … don’t ever fuck with me again !
One of the few books available that's both Spiritual & Sensual

Was Jamie a sensual angel, sent from above ... to teach me about love?

Or was she really a demon, sent from below ... to teach me about betrayal?

Whoever she might be .... it was to be my own inner-darkness I had to face.