A SENSUAL SEDUCTION         

2018 1st Edition now available

6" X 9" Paperback Perfect Bound

540 pages - ISBN: 978-1-944787-23-3 

Easy to read with large print

Contains strong language, mentions the use of drugs, and is highly erotic; but it 'does not' contain sexual photographs

Tags: bisexualGoddessstrippers

Jamie was young, blonde, blue-eyed, stacked, flirty, dirty, sexy, hot and sleazy ... 
In addition to being a foul-mouthed, bisexual, drug-dealing, muff-munching super slut, she was quite an elegant stripper, that is ... until she met Andy Andrews.

She was a living wet-dream ... a museum piece from God's artwork of decadence .
To him, she was the ultimate blonde bombshell of a woman ... a spectacle for his eyes to behold ... but he was a middle-aged married attorney, with a family, and his reputation at stake. Still, he was very close to falling head-over-heals in love with this little tramp … who was half his age. But she was the key that would unlock the door that held back the darkness, that would allow his repressed Shadow Self to explore all its fantasies. 

But really, what in the hell was he thinking, and what would he do with her, anyway? Or perhaps, better asked, what in the hell would she do with him? It was a sensual seduction that taught him all about the Sacred Feminine ... and secrets of Goddess. 

What would you do, if all your sexual fantasies could come true? 

This is Book Four in the Pentalogy of Andy Andrews, and is based on true events. 
It's also about the Shadow Self, and the discovery of what Goddess truly is. 

But caution, this is a transformational book that's hot, raw, and raunchy, so maybe you should think twice before  you consider reading it ... especially, if ‘real life’ offends you.


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